Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness Training is an effective way to control your thoughts.  When you are able to control your thoughts in more efficient manner, you are less likely to fly into a rage, succumb to an addiction craving, or give an inappropriate response.  Being mindfully aware more often in your day to day life means you can live your life with a balanced equanimity.

I have included this video below by Jon Kabat Zin, who is widely acknowledged as the source of Western mindfulness in the last 20 or so years.  Kabat Zin’s mindfulness training has proved invaluable to thousands of students since.

Mindfulness Training Online

Mindfulness Training Online is available quite widely and often at low cost or free.  It is simple to access and you can be taking advantage of an online course within minutes of searching your search engine.

If you do not like to do online courses, even just reading through the course material and immersing yourself in the teachings can be invaluable.  It’s about learning the keywords, phrases and mindset of mindfulness.  Remember that there is ultimately no right or wrong with mindfulness – instead a simple self acceptance of what is and how it you experience it.

Mindfulness Training CoursesMindfulness Training

Because we know people by name—people who are our friends—or because we have grappled with an uncontrollably wild and potentially destructive mind ourselves, we think of mental challenges and disorders as personal problems. But when you add up all the people going through this personal problem, you end up with a problem for all of us, a public health problem.

It’s like traffic. It’s a personal problem when I can’t get to work on time, but the traffic that’s tied up every day citywide, eating up fuel and causing pollution, is a problem for all of us, and we have to take it on together. Our collective mental health is one of those big traffic jams we need to look at from a larger perspective.

MBSR Teacher Training

Mindfulness has been demonstrated in many contexts to help people with mental illnesses and post-traumatic tress. Admittedly, the evidence base is small and the scientific study is in its infancy, but having practiced mindfulness meditation as great deal, I just know that taking time to be alone, in stillness with your breath and pay simple attention to what’s going on in your mind and body can be a powerful way to come to understand your emotions better, and to ride and regulate them.

It’s what makes Newcastle Mindfulness unique and our Mindfulness Training special.