Mindfulness Newcastle

Mindfulness Newcastle is an open and welcoming community where you can experience the stillness and calm of mindfulness.  One thing that sets our Newcastle Mindfulness experience apart is that we do not operate within four walls.  We believe mindfulness is best practiced outside, among the beauty of the natural environment.

Mindfulness helps you to unblock the internal suffering associated with fear, anger, anxiety and despair.  Mindfulness is a way to transform these feelings and emotions into momentary distractions that you can wave away through focusing your mind.  It’a powerful way to engage in some deep self care, self love and self acceptance.

Mindfulness Newcastle offers mindfulness experiences based on our unique Wellness Walk model, which is very popular with participants of all ages and levels of fitness.  We also offer full day workshops for both corporate and workplace settings, as well as weekend full day workshops.

Mindfulness Newcastle offers an immersive wellness weekend retreats over three days and two nights.  During retreat, you will be invited to share in tribal experiences, healing circles, yoga and wellness meditation as well as walks and natural experiences.

Right now, the best way you can experience mindfulness is to gently take your eyes away from this, and close your eyelids, welcoming an inner focus.  And begin to focus on your breath, feeling the cool air enter your nostrils and the warmer air as you exhale.  Remain like this, with your breath as your focus, for as long as you wish, but for the first time it might be enough to stay with your breath for five minutes or so.  Doing this engages a complete mind body calm.

As you deepen your practice, you will want to seek out others to enter the mindful state with, and that’s where you will appreciate the opportunity to participate in a Wellness Walk.