Merewether Wellness Walk

Buy Now join meet upemail updatesWhat to Expect: Explore the rock platform and sand dunes around from Merewether Baths from the peace and stillness of mindfulness. A gentle walk along the rock platform, sitting on the sandstone boulders, listening to the music of the waves and feeling the sand.  Participate in group mindfulness exercises to help you let go and release whatever may be disturbing your peace.  
A safe, supported and sensory walk.  An opportunity for earthing your soul and witnessing the raw power of the ocean and the rock platform.

How it Works:  Meet at  southside of Merewether Surf House (simple to find – see the map below) and look for the two picnic tables – we’ll be waiting there for you.  Then, just follow with the group.  Each wellness walk is different and a unique experience of mindfulness.

December 17
December 31
January 14
January 28

What people are saying…

Alex Knysh

I really enjoyed yesterday’s wellness walk. It was so beautiful to practice mindfulness and meditation, to embrace calm and stillness by the ocean and to quiet my ever-busy mind. It was so what I needed! Thank you so much Bren. I am looking forward to joining you on the Glenrock walk soon.

Robyn Taylor Kelly

Amazing afternoon of mindfulness, meditation & ocean magic 💙 thank you Bren & Mindbodycalm 🙏🏻