Mindfulness Exercises

Mindfulness Exercises at Mindfulness Newcastle is about sharing and teaching mindfulness as a personal strategy to improve your life experience.  Mindfulness offers a new way of diving deep into the moment so that the mental clutter of the past or the anxiety of the future is less overwhelming.  By simply being right here, in the present moment, we are able to authentically experience the present moment mindfully – as in fully in the mind.

Mindfulness Mentor and Coach

Hi, my name is Bren Murphy and I came to Mindfulness initially as a 12 year old writer at an extension camp at Closebourne House in Morpeth.  Whatever it was called back then – around 1986 – it was not officially known as mindfulness, but I was exposed to a body scan and some mindfulness exercises.  And, for an anxious little boy verging on teenagehood, in the midst of family breakdown, it was transformative.

I experienced a deep sense of calm and presence that I have since been lucky enough to recapture through mindfulness, mediation and yoga.  But in the ensuing years I drifted completely away and let’s just say by the time I was 36, with impending birth of my third daughter, I landed in a heap.

And it was mindfulness that helped me re-establish a core foundation of self belief, patient self acceptance and general equanimity to build my practice MindBodyCalm into what it is today.

Please take advantage of the resources on this website and if you get a moment top reflect share it with your friends who may be open to learning the strategies and techniques of mindfulness.

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