Learn the gift of mindfulness in Newcastle.
A Wellness Walk in nature or the amazing 8 week corporate mindfulness training – welcome to Mindfulness Newcastle.


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Mindfulness Newcastle offers complete 8 week corporate mindfulness based stress reduction (mbsr) and workplace mindfulness experiences.  Empower your team with practical knowledge and learn the effects on behaviour, self perception and emotional regulation.


Full day and half day mindfulness immersion where your team gains the real skills, tools and strategies to facilitate mindfulness as part of their work life balance.  Drive change from within as a source of creativity, self expression and building community.


Detox your mind and body and embrace the deep calm of an extended mindfulness experience – complete with a breath-taking natural setting and some unexpected guests presenters.  Truly not to be missed – unique, transformational and authentic.


“Mind is a flexible mirror,
adjust it and see a better world”
Amit Ray.

Participants in Mindfulness report significant reduction in stress and pain levels as well as improvement in sleep quality.  Other benefits include increased employee engagement, less rumination and worry, as well as overall increased perception of wellness.

Mindfulness gently reminds us to focus on our actual real life experience as it is happening – not our often false perceptions, prejudices or assumptions – so we can authentically experience the moments as it occurs.  

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Bren is incredibly insightful, quickly gathers information, processes it and bounces straight back with positive ideas and suggestions. Bren uses his knowledge and life experiences to suggest clever strategies and introduced me to academic thinking I previously had not been aware of. Bren is dynamic yet respectful, a great listener and very easy to chat to.

 – Glynis Taylor, Lifescaper.com

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Bren is a really calm, level headed and accepting person who allows you to feel safe about opening up and being yourself without the fear of judgement. He has helped me build confidence in my own voice and gave me a great coaching experience that has helped me in achieving my dreams. Bren is extremely committed and passionate about what he does and is a great example of how we can overcome difficult experiences in life by going within.

 – Sean Moloney, mindfulness client

Alex Knysh

Alex Knysh

I really enjoyed yesterday’s wellness walk. It was so beautiful to practice mindfulness and meditation, to embrace calm and stillness by the ocean and to quiet my ever-busy mind. It was so what I needed! Thank you so much Bren. I am looking forward to joining you on the Glenrock walk soon.
Balanced Life Counselling

Robyn Taylor Kelly

Amazing afternoon of mindfulness, meditation & ocean magic 💙 thank you Bren & Mindbodycalm 🙏🏻